S-TEC 3100 Now Approved For King Air 90 Series

July 6, 2020 By kent

Genesys Aerosystems announced today that its S-TEC 3100 advanced autopilot had earned Supplemental Type Certification (STC) for the Beechcraft King Air 90 series. This latest announcement brings the total approved aircraft models for the 3100 to over 150. The 3-axis digital autopilot brings enhanced features such as envelope protection and alerting, one button straight and level recovery, indicated airspeed hold, and integrated yaw dampening. With the flexibility provided by the built-in digital attitude source, the 3100 is at home in a variety of cockpit configurations, from 6-pack analog gauges to advanced glass panels. The 3100 comes standard with traditional autopilot modes like lateral (NAV HDG, ROLL), vertical (IAS, VS, ALT, PITCH) navigation. Paired to compatible navigation equipment, the 3100 can perform GPS, LPV, ILS, LOC, and VOR approaches.  “We are thrilled to bring the advanced capabilities of the S-TEC 3100 to the King Air 90
models, including the F90,” said Jamie Luster, Director of Sales and Marketing. “The 3100 is an ideal solution for owners looking to add safety-enhancing features with the benefits of a digital autopilot that reduces workload in demanding times.” With safety a top priority, the 3100 continually monitors the aircraft flight envelope and alerts the pilot should exceed the flight envelope. The 3100 also features indicated airspeed hold, allowing the pilot to climb or descend at desired airspeeds. Complete system pricing for the King Air 90 starts at $35,000. Shipping is expected to
begin by the end of July with foreign validation coming in the next 30 to 60 days.

About Genesys Aerosystems
Genesys Aerosystems is a leading provider of integrated avionics systems for military and civil customers. Genesys Aerosystems’ avionics systems can be offered individually or integrated to provide an entire cockpit. Its synthetic vision Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) revolutionized safety in low-level flight operations and is now approved on more than 700 aircraft and helicopter models. Genesys Aerosystems’ Helicopter Stability Augmentation System and Autopilot (HeliSAS) adds to its extensive range of S-TEC autopilot solutions and brings added safety within the reach of a host of operators for whom such systems were previously too expensive or heavy.

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