Welcome to California Flyer

    California Flyer’s Mission

    To celebrate and promote general aviation in the State of California

    • 215 public use general aviation airports, 59,841 FAA certified pilots and 29,211 FAA registered aircraft 
    • The highest number of drone registrations in the US with 78,890 registrants as of February 2017 
    • 631 repair stations, 66 FAA -approved pilot schools, 12,033 flight students, 9,452 flight instructors and 505 heliports 
    • General aviation contributes over $30.2 billion to the state’s total economic output 
    • General Aviation operations account for approximately four of every five aircraft operations

    The critical conference for flight training pros runs from October 15 -17, 2024, in Daytona Beach, Florida. The National Association of Flight…

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