Shaw Aerox® Aviation Oxygen Systems will provide a Portable Oxygen System Promotion during EAA Air Venture 2019

July 15, 2019 By kent

Shaw Aerox® Aviation Oxygen Systems will provide a

Portable Oxygen System Promotion during EAA Air

Venture 2019

Air Venture 2019

Bonita Springs, FL. & Oshkosh, WI, July 12, 2019

Shaw Aerox® Aviation Oxygen Systems will be offering a promotion of 20% off list price for

all Aerox portable oxygen systems and components purchased during the EAA Air Venture in

Oshkosh, Wisconsin, July 22 – 28, 2019.

Included in this promotion is a free oximeter and seat back carry pouch with every purchase of a

portable oxygen system.

Shaw Aerox will also be displaying the latest in Oxygen System Technology with several unique

products designed by Aerox engineers to improve the flying experience for the pilot and

passengers at the Shaw Aerox Aviation Oxygen Systems Booth, Number 2080 in Exhibit Hangar

B, Aisle D.


Oxygen, essential for human life, is abundant at ground level.  As flight levels increase,

atmospheric pressure decreases, necessitating the requirement for supplemental oxygen.

Shaw Aerox Portable Oxygen Systems , which are compact and exceptionally light, can be

configured to meet customers’ individual requirements and are ideal for pilots that frequently

rent or use aircraft that are not equipped with built in oxygen systems.

The Aerox PrO 2 – 2, PrO 2 -4 and PrO 2 -6 Personal Emergency Oxygen Systems provide take

anywhere convenience and safety at a reasonable cost. Multiple configurations, depending on

number of pilots and passengers, can be provided to suit your needs. The systems are designed

to deliver oxygen based on a cabin pressure of 25,000 feet and will flow oxygen at a

predetermined rate from 17 to 60 minutes, depending on system configuration, to allow descent

to a safe altitude where you can breathe normally under current conditions.

Simple to use when needed, just pull the mask and don. The motion of pulling the mask pulls a

cable to activate the flow of oxygen. The systems come with aluminum DOT-3AL cylinders

with no life limits and a 5 year recertification requirement.

If you can carry a soft drink can, you can carry the Aerox PrO 2 Personal Safety System.



Shaw Aerox also offers a complete line of FAA-PMA (Parts Manufacturer Approval) cylinder

assemblies available as direct replacements for most aircraft.

Available in either Kevlar® composite fiber wrapped (5 year hydrostatic tested with 15 year

service life) or steel cylinders per DOT 3HT and TC-3HTM (5 year hydrostatic tested with 24

year service life).

Manufactured and cleaned specifically for aviation oxygen service, Aerox cylinders are offered

in a number of sizes and capacities depending on the airframe’s original equipment

specifications. Complete cylinder and valve assemblies are also available.

Shaw Aerox also offers other emergency system options as well as a full line of portable and

built in oxygen systems.

About Shaw Aerox® Oxygen Systems, Inc.

Shaw Aerox® Oxygen Systems, Inc. designs and builds innovative, high-duration oxygen

systems made specifically for the aviation industry. Since 1981, pilots and passengers around

the world have depended on Shaw Aerox® O 2 aviation masks, cannulas, cylinder tanks, portable

oxygen and emergency oxygen systems to keep them healthy, alert and safe in the air.


Shaw Aerox LLC has received ISO9001and AS9100 certification approvals.

For more information about any of our products or to learn more about our custom system design

capabilities, please visit, call 1-800-237-6902 or email




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