ODA Classification Streamlines STC Process for Aeronautix

ODA Classification Streamlines STC Process for Aeronautix

January 31, 2022 By kent

Wichita, KS – In February 2021, the FAA granted Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) to Aeronautix. As a result, Aeronautix has authority previously reserved only for the FAA, most notably of these is the authority to issue STCs. This achievement was based on the experience Aeronautix has in providing engineering services and procedures needed to certify STCs and PMA status for production lines. Since 2006, they have certified over 300 STCs.

Aeronautix currently has 11 full-time employees and a large outside engineering talent pool that they can call on to develop STCs and PMAs. They expect to double their staff in the next year. According to Scott West, CEO of Aeronautix, “People approach us to turn a concept into a product. We have the engineering talent and experience to take sketches on a napkin and create a product that’s certified and ready to be installed on an aircraft. As a consulting ODA, we can save a tremendous amount of time by doing everything in house and that saves money. We are able to provide turnkey solutions for Part 23 and Part 25 aircraft.” Projects never sit idle at Aeronautix; they never wait for review and approval. Reviews are built into the process.

Aeronautix excels in program management and flight test programming. They work on aircraft structures, powerplant conversions and development, as well as systems and equipment certification. They take pride in embarking on projects of any size and completing them within the budget and scheduling projections.

For more information on Aeronautix, their projects, products and capabilities visit Aeronautix.com or call (573) 777-8778.