NEW STC for Piper PA-46 Malibu, Matrix, Mirage and Meridian

September 12, 2019 By kent

BERINGER AERO designs and manufactures high performance braking systems and tubeless wheels for general aviation. OEM for many different aircraft manufacturers, BERINGER also owns various STCs (Pilatus PC6, Cirrus SR20/22, Piper PA-18, PA-28, PA-46, Extra 300, Diamond DA40, 42, …).

What’s included?

– 3 tubeless wheels (nose and main) with new wheel axles

– 3 tubeless tires (GoodYear or Michelin)

– 4 master cylinders

– flexible brake lines and fittings

What are the benefits?

– Higher braking performance

– More feeling and progressivity

– Tubeless tires that cut the risk of tire puncture by 80%

– Lower operating costs and grounding

– Higher reliability

How to request a quote or place an order?

BERINGER Network :

Technical questions?

(864) 214 4274

BERINGER AERO HQ +33492201619