McFarlane Aviation Products Acquires QMI, Inc. Product Lines

McFarlane Aviation Products Acquires QMI, Inc. Product Lines

October 6, 2021 By kent

McFarlane Aviation, Inc. has announced its acquisition of QMI, Inc’s designs, patents, and manufacturing rights. QMI, Inc. ( is most well known for their ‘common-sense’ repair solution for the tail cone reinforcement angle issue discussed in Cessna Owner Advisory: SEL-55-01 and AD2020-21-22.
Earlier this year, McFarlane partnered with QMI as the sole distributor for their STC’d Tail Cone Angle Replacement Kit and their STC’d Trim Wheel for Cessna 180, 182, 185s.

“We were very pleased with the quality of product, the benefit it brings to our customers, and the innovative thinking that pairs so well with the McFarlane Brand.” Said Dave McFarlane, Founder of McFarlane Aviation, “We always want to bring the best solutions to our customers, and acquiring QMI is allowing us to do just that.”

“This is a great opportunity for my innovative designs to pair with McFarlane’s existing products for these Cessna airframes, “stated Bill Duncan. “It is a seamless fit! McFarlane has a proven history of supporting general aviation’s aging fleets with its high-quality manufacturing and industry-leading customer service. They are the best choice to carry on the QMI designs. I look forward to supporting McFarlane in the future, and as always — I am available to the Cessna 180-185 owners at all times.” McFarlane plans to further expand upon the SEL-55-01 and the Airworthiness Directive AD2020-21-22 this year by providing as many solutions and parts as possible to address the cracking in the tail cone and stabilizer areas plaguing the 180-185 Cessna community.

McFarlane currently offers over 30,000 parts to the general aviation marketplace. To see their newest products visit or call 866.920.2741 to get the best quality at the best price for your aircraft.