Hartzell Engine Technologies Introduces a New Product Data Labeling Program for AeroForce Turbochargers Overhauled by Authorized Recommended Service Facilities

June 26, 2019 By kent

New data labels will instantly identify AeroForce turbochargers that have been overhauled to the highest standards by HET approved RSF facilities.

 Montgomery, AL (June 26, 2019) — Representatives of Hartzell Engine Technologies (HET) have announced that the company has implemented a new product data labeling system that will be used to identify their AeroForceturbochargers that have been overhauled by one of the company’s approved Recommended Service Facilities (RSF).

“This initiative is the next natural progression in our ongoing RSF program,” explained Keith Bagley, President, Hartzell Engine Technologies. “It gives a voice to our RSF shops while indicating our endorsement for the great work that they do supporting our customer base.”

Bagley said that these new data tags provide a number of benefits to aircraft owner/operators. The first being that the unique design of these new tags immediately identifies that the turbocharger has been overhauled using the highest quality, factory-first components. Another is that it also shows that all the work has been completed following the latest Hartzell Engine Technologies maintenance manuals.

“Now there’s no need for the owner/operator or their maintainer to ever question the overhaul history of one of our AeroForce turbochargers,” he said. “If it has a blue AeroForce tag, then it’s unquestionably been overhauled to the highest standards by the best trained technicians in the business.”

“When you look at all that the RSF approval process entails, those standards equate to a higher peace-of-mind for owner/operators,” Bagley said. “Not only because of the quality of work and components, but in knowing that the RSF shops are required to carry liability insurance – something that many non-RSF shops do not have.”

“Factory approved. Factory endorsed. That’s what pilots should be looking for from their authorized Hartzell Engine Technologies RSF overhauled turbocharger,” he said.


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