Garmin Pilot 10.7 adds new graphical taxiway and apron NOTAMs

Garmin Pilot 10.7 adds new graphical taxiway and apron NOTAMs

May 9, 2022 By kent

Garmin is excited to announce that the latest update (v10.7) for Garmin Pilot is available now. Among many other new features, the latest update now graphically displays taxiway and apron closures on the dynamic map – as well as SafeTaxi diagrams.

10.7 update highlights:

  • Dynamic map enhancements: Our dynamic map has been optimized to change the visibility and size of navigation data, airspace boundary depictions and airport icons as the user zooms and pans around the map. When combined, these enhancements provide a clearer view of essential navigation data, airports, airspaces and more.
  • Graphical taxiway NOTAMs: For airports in the U.S., Garmin Pilot graphically displays taxiway and apron closures. When the NOTAM overlay is enabled, the taxiway or apron closed by the NOTAM is depicted with hashed lines and is color-coded — with alerts for taxiway and apron NOTAMs available throughout the application.
  • Annotate on screen: Take notes, draw taxiway routings, or highlight weather that may be a concern for your upcoming flight with the new, on-screen map annotation feature — which allows up to 3 pages of saved annotations at once.
  • Decoded NOTAM text: For quick and easy viewing, NOTAMs are now decoded into plain English whenever available — including on the airport page, radial menu NOTAM options and NOTAMs widget.
  • Expanded third-party support: Garmin Pilot now supports select Bad Elf GPS models and — when connected to Stratux — can also display ADS-B weather and traffic information as well as backup attitude and GPS position.

New users can download a free 30-day trial, then enjoy a subscription for as low as $99.99 per year. Learn more about the 10.7 release here.

Watch the video here