Garmin announces updates to the GI 275 electronic flight instrument

Garmin announces updates to the GI 275 electronic flight instrument

June 17, 2021 By kent

STC approval now includes transponder control, simpler GPSS mode switching, and original G500 support

Garmin® International Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd., today announced that its updates for the GI 275 electronic flight instrument have been granted supplemental type certificate (STC) approval by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). These updates add several enhancements and new capabilities to GI 275, including the option to control basic

settings of the GTX 345 or GTX 345R transponders directly from a GI 275. Other new features include easier switching between GPSS and heading modes with third-party autopilots, plus the capability to drive the GFC 500 autopilot while serving as a standby attitude indicator interfaced with an original G500 series flight display.

Transponder control
Pilots can now control basic transponder settings including squawk code, function, IDENT and flight ID directly from the GI 275 when interfaced with a compatible transponder such as the GTX 345, GTX 345R, and
GTX 45R. The touchscreen user interface offers pilots a simple and quick way to make transponder setting adjustments and can be especially beneficial to pilots in aircraft with transponder installations on the co-pilot side. Additionally, space-constrained cockpits can benefit from the opportunity to install remote transponders and control them from the GI 275. To access these new controls, a dedicated transponder page is available on GI 275 installations configured as a multifunction display (MFD), or standby attitude indicator with MFD pages.

The GI 275 now enables pilots to control basic transponder settings when interfaced with a compatible transponder.

Easier switching between GPSS and heading modes
Pilots flying aircraft equipped with select third-party autopilots can benefit from easier switching between GPSS and heading modes on a GI 275 installation configured as an attitude-direction indicator (ADI). A new autopilot reference option has been added to the first menu level of the ADI, allowing pilots to switch between GPSS and heading mode without the need to access additional menu levels. Additionally, aircraft owners may now opt to add a dedicated switch on the panel to control this function1.

GFC 500 support with original G500
The GI 275 can now be used as a standby ADI interfaced with the original G500 series flight display and the GFC 500 autopilot. To simplify altimeter, heading and course bug inputs, G500 synchronizes updates to the GI 275 automatically. For added peace of mind, optional miscompare alerting is also available to notify pilots of differences in attitude or air data information between the GI 275 and G5002.

This software update for the GI 275 is available immediately through a Garmin Authorized Dealer.
The GI 275 is approved for installation in over 1,000 single-engine and multi-engine aircraft models and comes with a two-year warranty, supported by Garmin’s award-winning aviation support team which provides 24/7 worldwide technical and warranty support. For the 17th consecutive year, Garmin received top honors for their avionics product support. For additional information, visit

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1Sold separately and requires additional installation time. When a dedicated discrete GPSS/heading switch is installed, the menu selection option is not available.

2Additional wiring may be required.