Continental Aerospace Technologies™ announces CD-170 to power Tecnam P TwentyTen TDI aircraft

Continental Aerospace Technologies™ announces CD-170 to power Tecnam P TwentyTen TDI aircraft

May 27, 2020 By kent

Continental®, an AVIC International Holding (HK) LTD company (HKEX: 232.HK), announced a new partnership with Tecnam S.P.A. to launch the P2010 TDI with the CD-170 engine. Continental’s Jet-A fueled 170 HP engine offers the ease of flying a single lever control coupled with electronic engine monitoring and redundancy safety features.

The CD-170 is the newest design and highest horsepower engine in the CD-100 series family. The CD-100 family of Jet-A burning engines is a proven platform with more than 6,000 engines delivered and over 7.1 million flight hours in service. The CD-170 has several key differentiators from others in the series. The CD-170 engine has a lower compression ratio that allows for higher fueling and more power. This technologically advanced fuel system design incorporates an enhanced fuel system for an additional level of redundancy providing aviators additional peace of mind. Continental® expects to receive EASA approval by the end of May 2020.

“The P2010 remains a modern aircraft for fleet schools and individual aviators”, said Paolo Pascale, Tecnam, CEO. “By incorporating Continental’s Jet-A engine, the P2010 TDI is the ideal aircraft, combining a modern, sleek, “green” design with consistent, robust power.”

“Continental is proud to be Tecnam’s newest aircraft partner, bringing innovative aircraft to aviators around the world,” said Robert Stoppek, President & CEO of Continental Aerospace Technologies™. “We remain committed to serving our partners and Tecnam’s customers with expert service and support. This partnership reinforces our dedication to provide customers freedom and choice with their engines that only Continental can provide.”

The single-engine, high-wing, four-seat aircraft is currently available to order through Tecnam’s dealer network.

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