Concorde Battery Corporation Introduces FAA Certification to Install Concorde Batteries on Gulfstream G350 / G450

January 14, 2020 By kent

WEST COVINA, CA — Gulfstream G350 & G450 operators now have a second battery option available by using Concorde STC ST00890DE.  The FAA STC approves installation of Concorde’s Platinum Series® RG-380E/46L sealed lead acid batteries in place of original equipment lead acid batteries.

This installation does not apply to Gulfstream ASC 069 aircraft equipped with nickel cadmium batteries.

The upgrade to Concorde’s RG-380E/46L (24V, 46Ah) valve regulated sealed lead acid batteries offers Gulfstream operators the reliability of a proven Concorde battery. The RG-380E/46L has been trusted as a robust and reliable battery by the United States Air Force having served as the main power supply on the C130 for the last five years.


The RG-380E/46L is a fully sealed lead acid battery.  No additional maintenance is required beyond periodic capacity checks to assure airworthiness.  Concorde batteries do not require re-blocking and do not require any internal maintenance. STC ST00890DE employs a battery tray insert that couples with the existing battery tray to accommodate the RG-380E/46L batteries without modification to the airframe so batteries can be used interchangeably.


Also included with the STC are temperature sensors to mount on each battery. Concorde’s temperature sensors are external components that are transferable from one battery to the next, reducing battery replacement costs.


Gulfstream G350 and G450 operators will be supported by  Concorde’s worldwide distribution network stocking  batteries globally. Log on to to find a nearby distributor.


Concorde Battery Corporation has been manufacturing lead acid batteries for over 40 years at the corporate headquarters in West Covina, CA, and now also in an east coast location in Austell, GA. Under strict aerospace manufacturing requirements of AS9100 + ISO 9001, each battery is inspected at key points throughout the manufacturing process ensuring top performance upon installation.


For more information contact:

Concorde Battery Customer Service

Phone 1-800-757-0303 or

626-813-1234 Outside North America