Concorde Battery Corporation Increases Battery Capacity Options for Phenom 300 Operators

January 14, 2020 By kent

WEST COVINA, CA — EMB505 operators may now install higher capacity Concorde batteries in the Phenom 300 with FAA approved STC SA00959DE and EASA ESTC 10072168 Rev. 1.  These new STCs provide for an option between an RG-390E 28 Ah or RG-390E/30 30 Ah auxiliary battery and an RG-380E/44 42 Ah, RG-380E/60L 48 Ah or RG-380E/53L 53 Ah main starting battery, permitting operators the option to cater battery capacities to unique operational requirements for optimized performance.

STC SA00959DE is an upgrade from Concorde STC SA01703WI which installed only the RG-380E/44 (42 Ah) main and RG-390E (28 Ah) auxiliary batteries.  SA00959DE now provides operators with the option to increase Concorde battery capacity up to 53 Ah.  SA01703WI holders may upgrade to SA00959DE free of charge by contacting Concorde directly for the STC paperwork.

Phenom 300 operators have realized improved reliability and longer life with Concorde batteries.  Further maximize the life of your aircraft’s batteries by increasing capacity with this superior upgrade.

Favored for critical operations and preferred by global airframe manufacturers as original equipment, Concorde also supplies certified batteries to civilian, business & military markets.

Concorde Battery Corporation has been manufacturing lead acid batteries for over 40 years at the corporate headquarters in West Covina, CA and now also in Austell, GA. Under the strict aerospace manufacturing requirements of AS9100 + ISO 9001 each battery is tested at key points throughout the manufacturing process.

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