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e-commerce experienceS to the business and general aviation industries.


AviatorsMarket.com has been created by unique group of aviation and e-commerce experts who posses a true passion for aviation and for introducing new technologies that will deliver a much simpler user experience to everyone looking to buy or sell an aircraft or aviation-related products or services.

 Sarasota, FL, (April 02, 2019) – Today, Ana Cunha-Fontes, CEO of Aviators Market Publishing, LLC announced the launch of: www.AviatorsMarket.com. The new site has been created to meet the changing needs of everyone in business and general aviation (B&GA) that relies on the Internet to buy, sell or just window shop for an aircraft or aviation-related products and services.

“While you can find anything related to aviation on the Internet, that search is often a long and frustrating experience. Unfortunately, the high-levels of functionality and ease-of-use that is part of every other e-market industry has been missing in the aviation segment – until now,” Ms. Cunha-Fontes stated. “We did a lot of research and learned that what people want today is a easier, more personalized experience whenever they shop for anything online. That’s what lead to the creation of AviatorsMarket.com.”

“We’re not the first online source for buying or selling an airplane or service. Being first isn’t always being best,” she said. “Take Orville and Wilbur Wright, Henry Ford and Michael Aldrich for example. The Wrights didn’t invent flight; they found a way to sustain and control it. Ford didn’t invent the car; he found a way to make personal transportation affordable. And Aldrich didn’t invent the Internet, but he did see an opportunity to use real-time connectivity to create e-commerce, a.k.a. online shopping.”

“In the same ways the airplane and automobile transformed transportation, online shopping has forever changed the way we do business,” Ms. Cunha-Fontes said. “And our goal with AviatorsMarket.com is to do for online aviation shopping what the Wrights, Ford and Aldrich did for their industries: Revolutionize it.”

The company’s Chief Technology Officer, Kevin Maloy explained that while creating the industry-leading user experience was key, the development team behind AviatorsMarket.com put equal effort into providing aircraft brokers, sellers and product and service providers with an array of new-generation tools to make their advertising more effective.

“AviatorsMarket.com has been built using the most advanced e-commerce functionality available,” he said. “The enhanced user experiences provided by this technology will enable our advertisers to promote their aircraft or products in ways that have never been available before in our industry. AviatorsMarket.com is truly the evolution of the aviation shopping experience.”

Ms. Cunha-Fontes stressed that as good as AviatorsMarket.com user interaction is today, it’s going to continue to improve.

“The evolution doesn’t end here. We have assembled a very talented group of professionals who are committed to keeping our site and suite of services well head of the competition,” she said. “No matter what the future of e-commerce holds, you can be sure that aviation will see it first on AviatorsMarket.com.”




About Aviators Market Publishing, LLC

Headquartered in Sarasota, Florida, Aviators Market Publishing, LLC (AviatorsMarket.com) uses the most advanced search and navigation tools, interactive capabilities and a variety of rich media channels to deliver a true state-of-the-art online marketplace for business and general aviation aircraft buyers and sellers. The comprehensive website also delivers a wide range of optimized services and data applications to deliver the industry’s best and most cost-effective options for aircraft brokers and companies selling aviation-related products. For more information on the company and its products and services, visit: www.AviatorsMarket.com




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