Airforms Releases Caravan Catalog for Replacement Parts

Airforms Releases Caravan Catalog for Replacement Parts

September 22, 2020 By kent

Anchorage, AK – Cessna Caravans are logging a tremendous number of hours in commercial operations, hauling people and parts to locations all over the globe. Unfortunately, high times lead to worn out parts or deferred maintenance due to the high cost or scarcity of replacement parts. Consequently, Airforms has developed enough PMAs and STCs for standard and upgraded Caravan components to warrant a 20-page catalog that is available in hard copy or on-line format (that can be printed out).

Door hinges are one of the early items needing replacement on a 208/208B. Airforms offers a standard replacement and has developed an upgraded version that features bushings that are much less expensive to replace than the entire hinge.

When the Torque Link bushings and the upper and lower attachment points in the nose gear assembly become worn, the nose wheel usually develops a shimmy. Airforms manufactures oversize pins and bolts for use in conjunction with their STC to address the problem. Specialty reamers were created to re-size bushings and attachment points for accommodating new, oversize pins/bolts. The nose gear can be brought back to airworthy condition with the STC. Pins and bolts are manufactured to standard size as well as .010, .020 and .030 oversizes.

The company also has developed a high strength, all-aluminum replacement for upper, middle and lower passenger airstair steps. One P/N assembly is certified to replace any of the three steps. This summer, they received FAA PMA approval for manufacturing the components of the complete Crew Ladder Assemblies. The company has several other new PMAs that are pending FAA approval (expected this Fall). Currently, Airforms holds over a thousand PMAs, including replacement baffle kits for 60 different models of Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft, Mooney, and Grumman.

Most replacement and upgraded parts available through Airforms are considerably less expensive than OEM parts. To view the parts offered by Airforms, visit The on-line Caravan catalog is available on the homepage of the website. You can order a free catalog or purchase Caravan replacement parts by calling Steve Hunter at (414) 380-9167.

Go HERE to download the catalog.