Aerox® Aviation Oxygen Systems Celebrates Fortieth Anniversary and One-Year of New Ownership

Aerox® Aviation Oxygen Systems Celebrates Fortieth Anniversary and One-Year of New Ownership

April 12, 2021 By kent

Aerox® Aviation Oxygen Systems of Bonita Springs Florida comes back to an energized Sun n’ Fun Aerospace Expo celebrating its fortieth year as well as its one-year anniversary of ownership by pilot and entrepreneur Scott Ashton.  Aerox is exhibiting at booth A-098 and highlighting its entire “Oxygen Made Easy” product line.


Oxygen Made Easy

Aerox® has announced several new easy to use, high performance oxygen systems that will be highlighted at the show.  From Ashton’s deep connection with Aerox® customers as a pilot and CFI, the PrO2 Plus® Flight Bag portable oxygen system was created because of Ashton’s belief that hypoxia is impairing pilots at altitudes much lower than the 12,500’ oxygen requirements of 14 CFR 91.211.

The PrO2 Plus® is small enough to fit in your flight bag, and very easy to use with a simple toggle on-off switch, a flow indicator for safe use, and a single Oxysaver® Conserving Cannula.  With a fixed-flow for simplicity, the PrO2 Plus® is pre-set to provide enough oxygen at altitudes all the way up to the VFR ceiling of 18,000 feet.  “We believe that pilots might be intimidated by the complexity and expense of some oxygen systems,” said Ashton.  “We wanted to create a low-cost, easy to use system to encourage all pilots to have supplemental oxygen with them and to provide the quality, safety, and features of Aerox® high-performance portable systems.”

Lighter than Air® Walk Around Portable oxygen system is also being demonstrated at the show.  The Lighter Than Air® is a convenient portable oxygen system that incorporates a Kevlar oxygen cylinder/regulator assembly and Aerox’s® TSO-Approved Diluter Demand mask packaged to provide a personal oxygen supply for high altitude applications.  The Lighter than Air® has proven popular with cargo airlines, flight test operations, and special operations applications.

Aerox® will have its full product line on display at Booth A-098 of the Sun n’ Fun Aerospace Expo, including portable oxygen systems, TSO-approved diluter demand oxygen masks, the Lighter than Air® and PrO2 Plus®, and spare parts.  Technical representatives will also on hand to answer questions.

Ashton, a pilot, CFI, and FAASafety Team Representative, will be giving three programs titled “Hypoxia, Oxygen Systems and Pilot Wellness” on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 10:00 in Room CFAA-11 each session.  These sessions will highlight the risks of hypoxia at altitudes as low as 8,000’ as well as how to select and maintain your oxygen system.

“When the opportunity to purchase the company came along last year, we knew it was the right fit for us,” said Ashton.  “Not only was Aerox® a leading brand in aviation oxygen, the company had all of the key elements we felt were essential for future growth – an AS9100-registed Quality System, TSO-approved oxygen masks, PMA-approved oxygen cylinders, and an exclusive focus on oxygen systems and products through its deep engineering expertise.”  Aerox was purchased by Ashton and his wife Sarah, a CPA who serves as CFO in April 2020.

Since the acquisition, they have been focused on standing up the company independent of its former parent and returning the company to its roots as an owner-operated business.  The company has integrated a new Enterprise Resource Planning System, brought in a new Customer Service team, and implemented new systems and processes.  They will be formally moving into a new facility on May 1st, the one-year anniversary of the acquisition, which will nearly double the shop space to facilitate growth.


Contact:                Scott E. Ashton

President, Aerox Aviation Oxygen Systems