BERINGER AERO USA 10 year Anniversary

BERINGER AERO USA 10 year Anniversary

October 28, 2022 By kent

Nestled in the quiet hills of Woodruff, South Carolina lies the best kept secret in general aviation, Triple Tree Aerodrome.  It’s where BERINGER AERO USA held its 10 year anniversary.  What a spectacular place to mark the first decade of BERINGER AERO’s American headquarters.

BERINGER AERO and BERINGER AERO USA have progressively climbed the ranks of the best wheel and brake manufacturers for general aviation, distinguishing themselves by the safety, reliability, and innovation of its products.

While BERINGER AERO’s headquarters are located in France, where design, certification and manufacturing is done by a team of 25 people, BERINGER AERO USA focuses on retail and warehousing for the North-American market, providing customer support and local contact to its customers thanks to a team of 7 people.

The braking system is often overlooked in general aviation, with the mantra “good enough” often the first comment when pilots are asked how they like their brakes.  However BERINGER did not set out to create good enough wheels and brakes, they set out to create exceptional wheels and brakes, with the goal of providing peace of mind to pilots during the most critical phases of flight.

BERINGER’s reputation is evident by the growing number of OEMs that have adopted BERINGER products as standard and/or optional in their production.  Cirrus, Diamond, Pilatus, Tecnam, CubCrafters, Van’s, Pipistrel, Just, Lockwood, and ICON Aircraft just to name a few.

Through BERINGER’s extensive history and experience they are able to build airframe specific kits to upgrade braking systems for over 350 airframes ranging from Certified (Piper PA-18, PA-28, PA-46, Cirrus SR20/22, Diamond DA40/42, Pilatus PC-6 and soon Cessna 180/182) to Experimental/LSA/Ultralight aircraft (Van’s all types, CubCrafters, Kitfox, …).

With its roots in wheel and brake systems, BERINGER continues to innovate by expanding its product offering into the area of landing gear.  Alaskan Landing Gear for Cub-type airframes (12’’ of oleo-pneumatic absorption), Shock Wheel system for LSA/Ultralight equipped with spring gear (8’’ of oleo-pneumatic absorption) and most recently an innovative 3-piece aluminum spring gear called B’Flex.

Always looking to the future, BERINGER’s design office is turning full throttle on innovative products seeking safety enhancements, better performance, and the highest level of customer satisfaction.  We can’t wait to see what the next decade has in store!