October 10, 2022 By kent

Great News Mooney Owners. The FAA approved 12V ETX900-TSO designed for certain Mooney aircraft. An STC or Part 337 (field approval) is required for installation.



“The conditions and test required for TSO approval of this article are minimum performance standards. Those installing this article either on or within a specific type or class of aircraft must determine that the article installation conditions are within the TSO standards. The article may be installed only according to 14 CFR part 43 or the applicable airworthiness requirements.”

This STC is available for these specific serial number Mooney Models:

-M20E (SN: 24-470 and on)

-M20F (SN: All)

-M20J (SN 0001-02999)

-M20K (SN: 0001-0999)


For more information, please visit EarthX.